What have I learnt in the last 48 hours?


Be prepared – when applying sun protection to your face, don’t forget other potentially exposed areas, such as your  legs and the tops of your feet.  Especially when standing on an exposed cliff top for a couple of hours watching fast cars zoom past.

Stick to what you know – getting a good photograph of a fast moving supercar or F1 car isn’t easy.  (Tonight! On the back end of a car!)  Stick to your usual subjects, such as the interesting shadows created by the crowds.

Be careful – when attempting to get a good shot of an extremely loud F1 car, don’t lean too far over the barrier.  Your ears will thank you for it.

Be patient – when looking at your photos on your laptop and it appears to be having a funny five minutes, wait!  Let it sort itself out.  Otherwise you will lose all the photos you took of the amazing cars on display, when it was easy to get a good shot, especially of that gorgeous, dark blue Maserati.


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