I’ll just tidy up first … and other distractions


So, it’s the middle of the afternoon at the weekend and I start to think about rolling out my mat for some practice but there’s something nagging away at the back of my mind.  As a teacher, this is often lesson preparation or marking, but is also more often than not reading, writing and general faffing about.  Hunger is probably my biggest distraction.  I always do some yoga first thing in the morning, which helps to wake me up and stimulate my appetite.  However, at the weekend I have to plan my day and eating times around a longer afternoon practice, which I look forward to but can also be easily distracted from, especially if I’ve mistimed things and I’m too hungry to do any.

There is also a huge temptation, if I have nothing else to do, to curl up with a book and something on the radio.  The latter of which is a big distraction as I’m constantly listening to missed programmes on the BBC iplayer, along with my favourite podcasts (hello to Jason Issacs).

Generally speaking though, yoga is my distraction from the business of the day and is always far from being a chore but something I look forward to.  It’s an opportunity to be on the mat with nothing else to do other than just be in the moment and breathe.

What distracts you from your practice?





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