Yoga books – recommendations of good starter texts


Yoga books - recommendations of good starter texts

A few weeks back I said I’d review some of the yoga books I’ve collected over the years. Here are two of the earliest purchases I made when I started practising. Both are great introductions to the philosophy behind hatha yoga, in addition to providing detailed instruction of key postures, relaxation, meditation, yogic breathing and diet. They are also illustrated with numerous photographs of each asana, with advice for safe practice and alternatives for more difficult poses. The Sivananda School emphasises the more meditative aspects of yoga, and the importance of breath work. So if you like a quieter hatha practice, then this might suit you. Tara Fraser, the author of Yoga for You, comes from a varied background of training with many different schools such as Iyengar, Sivananda, the British Wheel of Yoga and Ashtanga, and brings all of that knowledge together in her book, which includes ready-made sequences of varying levels of difficulty. I highly recommend both texts if you’re looking for a straightforward, highly visual guide to yoga.


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