The Moment


Among the trees I feel at peace.  I can be still and listen to the rustle though the leaves as squirrels and other small mammals go about their day, and as birds sing within the branches above my head.  As I inhale the clear air that surrounds me, I feel it re-energising my heart, mind and soul.  It flows through me, healing and easing all worries and pain as it goes.  The light moves swiftly through the canopy as the shutter clicks on my camera, hoping to preserve the moment.   As I emerge from the woods, light welcomes me into a field of tall grasses, fluid and soft to the touch.  I crouch down low within them to take a photograph of the horizon; a sea of gold meets the blue sky above, with only the occasional white cloud to shade me from the heat of the sun.  Grasshoppers sing me on my way, as I cross the field and over a stile, before heading down to the river where fisherman sit quietly on the banks, as dragonflies flash past, too quick for my lens to see.  I try to picture the scene in winter, as snow falls on the grass beneath my feet and ice creeps across the water, quietening the flow, which now moves swiftly at the end of summer.  This is the constant, yet ever-changing movement of life, as the seasons come and go, so too do our lives and the moments within them.  Rarely do we stop and just be, allowing all the flux of life to be held briefly within our minds; a freeze-frame, a single shot of that moment, and this moment, and all the others yet to come.



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