It’s early evening, and as I type I can hear children playing, still hanging on to summer, as birds sing among the green leaves in the trees, which haven’t started to change yet.  The air is still quite warm, with a hint of the crisp call of autumn just around the corner.  This is my favourite time of year.  A walk along the beach, reclaimed from the summer sun-worshippers, with my camera in hand, is the best way to spend an afternoon.  I always associate autumn with change and new beginnings, guess it’s the teacher in me.  Those changes haven’t always been welcomed over the years but the falling of leaves is always a comfort; the warm yellow, orange and red that surround you and the freshening breeze that speaks of new ideas and plans, of which I always have plenty.  This year my plans centre around travel and writing, both of which I have made a commitment to do much more of in my life.  As I’m about to pack for a short trip with friends, I’m on my way to achieving that goal.  Now, all I need to do is write.

What does September mean to you?  Do you associate it with anything in particular?



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