Fire and Water


‘Why do we have to complicate things?’ My brother asked me last night as we stood gazing into the flames from a series of cauldron-like vessels, which were standing in Bourne stream that runs through our hometown.  ‘This is all we need,’ he went on to say as we looked around at the families, friends and couples who were ambling among the various displays of chimneys, mechanical contraptions fuelled by fire and water, lanterns floating in the trees above our heads and a bass which rose up through the ground and into our feet.  This was Bournemouth Gardens as I have never experienced them before, courtesy of The Company Carabosse, and a perfect welcome to autumn; the fires all around us warming those who mingled, amazed at the spectacle, trying to figure out how it all worked.  There was something very magical about the experience and I could understand perfectly what my brother was saying.  All we need is fire, water, food and those we love.  Yet we immerse ourselves more in the artificial, online world today and maybe we have lost touch with that booming vibration from mother earth which we stood for over an hour listening to last night as a lone musician played, recorded and then looped sounds, one over the other, along with birdsong and water flowing, seemingly from all around us.  I took a moment to turn away from the source of the sounds to watch those around me; there were many families, nationalities, ages and backgrounds, all enjoying the night together.  I thought, my brother is right, this is all we need.  My only regret of the evening was that I hadn’t taken my camera, something I won’t forget next time.  However, it did allow me to just be there and experience every moment, preserving it all in my mind.

This post was inspired by The Company Carabosse display at Bournemouth Gardens as part of Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival. For more information go to the website:



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