October in the Garden



The sun glistens on leaf strewn puddles, which have formed on the swimming pool cover. Only a few weeks ago, families were still playing in the water on sunny afternoons, but now the pool lies dormant as autumn takes hold and the shadows of trees stretch across its blue layer of protection.  Occasionally a seagull lands for a drink, as nearby, blue tits flit through the empty branches of a tree, eating and chattering among the bare brown sticks that remain after the leaves have fallen.  I breathe in the damp red, brown and yellow underfoot as I walk across the grass to the corner of the garden where the foxes usually emerge from.  The sun is starting to set now and the air becomes colder as I enjoy the quiet of my refuge among the trees.  I start to think of retreating back inside to a warm cup of tea, a piece of apple pie, just like mum used to cook.  Autumn always brings on the need for hot, fruit filled puddings and afternoons with a good book and the radio.  Suddenly I am a child again, running around the back garden in my own little universe until the call comes for tea, and go inside.



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