A light in dark places



As the clocks go back to signal the descent into winter, I have heard many people this week talking of the darkness and cold to come over the next few months. This time of year is often the least liked of all the seasons; and its biting winds, freezing mornings and short days don’t help to make winter more likeable to some.  Yet I love cold, crisp sunny days when I can wrap up in colourful hat, scarf, and gloves and go for a walk, camera in hand, along a near deserted beach or through woodland.  In the Celtic tradition, winter is the time of year to travel inwards and reflect on your life; to prepare for the more active phases of spring and summer.  Autumn and winter are for rest and renewal, to learn and grow within, so that we are eager and re-energised for the warmer, longer days to come.  While there will be more darkness over the coming months, we can always find light in the sun, warm fires and candles, which will hopefully inspire us to reflect and make plans, and then, when the chill leaves and the warm breeze of spring arrives, we’ll be ready to act.



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