Connected , but no connection


We can text, call, snap-chat and keep in touch in a myriad of ways, day and night, and yet loneliness is increasing in our digital society.  Why is it, in such a communicative age, that we are having trouble connecting to one another on a deeper level?  The often cited reason is that people just expect too much of their potential partners, and need to settle for ‘good-enough’, rather than ‘the one’.  However, I know many people who are looking for a life partner and they are perfectly realistic about the qualities and interests they’d like that person to have.  I also look around and see individuals in relationships that they are clearly just clinging onto for fear of being alone, or for the sake of others.  Admittedly, choosing to be alone rather than accept what doesn’t make you happy isn’t easy, yet it requires a kind of strength that staying in an unfulfilling relationship does not.  As Christmas approaches, feelings of loneliness are likely to be high, and maybe it’s time we made an effort to bring people together more often.  Digital communication is great. I’m certainly not a technophobe!  Yet our lives do not seem to have benefitted from all these means of communication because we are social animals who need to be around others, at least some of the time.  If we re-connect in person much more, then maybe things will change within society as a whole, and this time of year will be much happier for everyone.


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