Come back to the light


This is when it turns.  Amid the wind, rain and darkening skies, the light begins its journey back to the Northern hemisphere once more.  The Sun God will reawaken, and the days will gradually become longer.  The dark nights since Samhain have been a time of reflection and inner journeys in readiness for the return of the light and the more active phase of the year.  Now is a time to plan what you hope to achieve over the next six months, before Summer Solstice in June, and the turning of the wheel to shorter days and longer nights once again.  In the Celtic calendar, the Yew tree is linked to this day; the tree of resurrection and eternity.  They are long-lived and often found in graveyards, where they are said to protect the dead and ‘guard the doorway between this life and the next.’ (p.139, The Celtic Wisdom of Trees, Jane Gifford)  In the present day, New Year’s Eve is the time for making resolutions, but in the past, Winter Solstice would have been a time when we would affirm our intentions for the coming months, and bring about our own rebirth as we change and grow with each cycle of the year.    What dreams do you want to realise over the coming months?  What changes do you need to make?  At Winter Solstice, take the time to ask yourself these questions, and then as the days lengthen, make what you hope for now into a reality.

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