Leave the door open, but don’t sit and wait by it


I’ve had that title in my head for the last two weeks, and it’s been wandering around in there waiting for me to write about it.  I guess now is the right time as one year has ended and another begins.  It’s the time when people regret and long to change, to make amends, to be something better, to hope for that long held dream to come true.  It’s those wishes for something or someone that gave me an image of opening a door, placing a chair there for whatever/whoever to sit on, while I walked out of the room and got on with my life.  So often with a longed-for dream, we constantly keep an eye open for it, and sometimes just stop living altogether, forgetting we need to keep going in the process of waiting.  I’ve never been a particularly patient person, although ten years of teaching has greatly improved that, but it’s hard when you want something to happen so much and can’t see why it hasn’t; we open the door, but instead of leaving the chair for the guest, we stand in the doorway, looking out for the arrival of our wish, and miss other opportunities which go by a closed door further along.   So, on the first day of 2015, reflect on your dreams, imagine that chair beside an open door, and then walk away, don’t sit and wait, let your wish come, you’ll know when it has.


3 thoughts on “Leave the door open, but don’t sit and wait by it

  1. Hi there – thanks so much for checking out The Journal Writer’s Handbook blog. I love the image you present in this post. You are so right about not sitting waiting for our dreams to happen. We have to keep the momentum going – keep living in some way as if our dreams had already come true. For me 2015 is the year of momentum! Thanks for helping me see that so clearly!
    Best wishes

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