Get Creative


As we come to the end of the first month of 2015, I’ve been planning some new places to visit and things to try over the coming months.  Maybe it’s the influence of the Rowan tree, which is the focus for the second month of the Celtic tree calendar, and ‘emphasises the need for colour and creative endeavour in our lives and encourages us to open our minds to creative expression’.  (The Celtic Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford, Godsfield Press, 2000)  I’m certainly feeling the urge to try new things this year and collect a few more experiences along the way.  Top of my list so far is a falconry day, stained glass and printmaking workshops and walking, lots of walking, through forests and over hills; hopefully getting some great photographs along the way.  So, what would be on your list?  What would you like to have experienced by December 31st?  What would you like to look back on and say I made this, I went there, tried that?  Think of all those ‘I’d do that, or go there if/when …’ ideas, and make them happen this year!


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