The healing energy of Imbolc


February 1st is known as Imbolc in the Celtic calendar, and is a time to rejoice at the increasing light and longer days.  At Spring Equinox, we began the journey back into the more active phase of the year, and last week I asked you to consider what you would like to achieve over the coming months.  I hope you have been planning lots of new experiences, and are feeling positive about the opportunities they will give you.  Yet with the cold, windy weather still around, maybe some of you are still feeling the emotional and mental pinch of winter as it fades away.  Imbolc is a time to heal past hurts, to move from negativity to a more positive frame of mind.  If the darkness is still hanging over you, then take time today to rest, reflect and ask yourself where you need to make changes in yourself and your life in order to ease those physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aches and pains.  The thought of change is often one which causes anxiety, and you may have to dig deep to make the life you long for a reality, but it is possible.  We may have to fight through insecurities to get there, which may test us to the full.  Yet with each challenge met, we grow.


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