Somewhere else


Heavy rain, cold winds and dark skies have all made it feel like we’re still in winter’s grasp today, and spring hasn’t managed to rescue us yet.  As an escape from the gloom, I looked through my photographs from a short break to Barcelona with friends last September.  As we left the airport, the heat was a shock; I’d expected a comfortable early to mid-20 degrees, but the temperatures were an unseasonably 29-30 the whole time we were there.  Most people would have relished such heat, and at first it was lovely.  However, by the third day, I have to admit, I was longing for a cool respite from the intense sun and humidity, and as I stepped off the plane back in the UK a day later and breathed in the cool evening air, I felt relieved.  So as I listened to the garden chairs being blown across the lawn today, and longed for a little more light and some warmth on my skin, I thought we’re always yearning to be somewhere else.  We think that once we get there, we’ll be happy.  Yet, if we do reach that destination, be it a physical place, or a goal achieved, we often start to look for the next ‘somewhere else’.  We never just sit back and enjoy where we are at the time.  There’s always a need to move on, and whilst that can be a really positive thing, it can also prevent us from enjoying what we have right now.  We have to learn to be in the present moment, and enjoy the weather, without wishing we were somewhere else.


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