Balance and reconnection


In spring, the Ash tree is one of the last to come into leaf; a late developer, like myself.  I’ve been struggling lately with the urgency of unrealised dreams, demanding to be brought to life.  In this, the Celtic month of the Ash (February 18th – March 17th) I am reminded of the need to re-connect with the natural forces around me.  To be less in the head, worrying and over-thinking things, but more in my feet as they touch they earth.  To be in my eyes as they watch seagulls hover above the waves, to be in my ears as they listen to the call of the cuckoo, and to be in my heart as it whispers of all I have yet to do.  Achieving balance is key to the lesson the Ash has for us, and that has been lacking in my life recently.  I have drifted too far into doubt and negative thoughts, and need to re-connect with my creative self to restore harmony to my heart and mind.  The Ash was also linked to rebirth in ancient Britain, and I think we need to re-create ourselves or parts of ourselves every so often, when we reach a low or stagnant season in our lives.  That may be something as small as a change of image, a new hobby which helps us to grow in some way, or even a move of home or job.  My current re-birth began with a walk by the sea, a visit to a gallery and a 99p costume ring, which has an unusual design.  Making changes to aid the reconnection to what we have lost, and the return of balance to our lives needn’t be major ones, but small steps that bring us back to where we belong.

Reference: The Celtic Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford, Godsfield Press, 2000


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