The awakening energy of Spring Equinox


Beach Hut  Bicycle shadow

This weekend has been so sunny, that you could be fooled into thinking that summer was just around the corner, even with the cold wind that has been blowing.  It has certainly been two days of getting out and about, enjoying the feel of the Sun on my skin, and photographing the shadows it creates as it shines on beach huts and bicycles.  This renewed sense of energy which characterises Spring Equinox, is also a reminder of the need for balance in our lives and as the length of both day and night are equal on this day, so too should we strive for equilibrium among all the demands of daily life.  As I walked along the beach front today, it made me smile to see so many people, and their dogs, taking a break and balancing out their busy lives with an hour or so of ambling along the shore, eating ice cream and catching up with family and friends.  Having spent the winter resting, we must use all the stored up vitality we have acquired over the darker months to realise new dreams and move on with the next phase of our lives.  This is also the time of the Golden Gorse, which cheers the grey, rainy days of spring with its bright yellow glow of hope; it is a symbol of the courage and optimism needed to face the changing seasons and challenges in our lives.  It is often easier to imagine what we could do if only this was better, or that was different etc.  We frequently make all kinds of excuses why we can’t do something.  Yet on these sunny days, when you walk in nature, or simply sit in the sun, take a moment to listen to that voice which is quietly trying to nudge you in the right direction and face those fears of the new and the unknown with determination, and the positive outlook of the Golden Gorse.



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