Social Media Holiday


Last night’s WWF Earth Hour gave me a dilemma; do I watch a film or meditate by candle light for the no-lights hour?  I opted for the latter in the end, and gave myself some much needed Reiki healing too, after a tough week at work.  Yet my decision was also based on the need to have some time away from a screen.  Although I love films, I just wanted a break from watching or looking at a screen.  Increasingly lately I have been making a conscious effort to have an evening of ‘no-screen’ to listen to music, read, write and generally potter about.  It’s incredibly freeing and I feel much happier for it.  To retreat from the pull of the stimulus is a relief, where I can just be for a while.  So, with that in mind I’ve decided to take a holiday from social media for a month, and see how much more I get done, and what I do instead of scrolling through a news feed.  I’ll report back each week on my progress and see what the effects are of reconnecting with other activities and people in my life more, and disconnecting from the distractions.


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