Social Media Holiday Week 1


Keyhaven marshes  Pencil Shavings 2 001

As those of you who are regular readers of my blog will know, last week I decided to begin a month-long break from social media to see what effect it would have on my creativity.  I had begun to feel that the odd 20-30 minutes I spend scrolling through news each day was wasted and I had become bored by the endless photos of people’s food. (What is it with photographing your every meal?)  Anyway, the first week has gone well and I’ve been out taking photos on a chilly but enjoyable walk around Keyhaven in The New Forest National Park, and experimenting with my flatbed scanner at home.  I have also been reading a lot more and have been able to get on with all those tasks on my ‘to-do’ lists, which frequently get neglected.  In addition, I’ve spent entire evenings just listening to music and pottering about my flat, something I don’t often do.  In all that time, I haven’t missed Facebook or Twitter once.  That’s not to say I won’t ever use them again, but at this point I’m thinking of how I can use them more effectively, and not get sucked in to the daily ‘just checking’ routine, and instead consider how they can work for me by actually enhancing my creativity, not enabling me to procrastinate and avoid it; something I am prone to do.  So far, my social media holiday is going well.  I hope the next few weeks will prove to be equally productive.  I’ll report back next week and let you know how week two goes.



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