Writing 101 Day 2: description of a place I’d like to be right now


This was a difficult task, purely from the point of view of having too much choice.  I thought of walking through a wood, admiring the trees all around me, or a walk by the ocean; to sit and listen to the call of seagulls overhead.   Maybe I should choose Paris, with its beautiful streets and wonderful language.  I was at work when I first read the task, so longed to be outside on such a sunny day.  However, it wasn’t until the evening that I decided on a place, so here goes …

It’s always an early start.  Well, early for me anyway.  I almost missed the train once, but only once.  With luck my brother Raymond has already nabbed a couple of seats as he gets on before me.  We settle in for the almost two-hour journey, past a forest, a port, suburbs and countryside on our way to London.  Waterloo greets us with all its energy and eager passengers waiting for their platform to be announced, then the rush, like a flock of birds, suddenly changing course in synch, to get the best seat.

Our first stop is always a coffee and pastry, which we consume as we walk out of the station and head towards the welcoming sight of The Thames and Big Ben.  Crowds are usually beginning to build at the foot of the London Eye as Raymond and I stroll along the banks of the river, observing the tourists, street performers and busy commuters.  We however, do not have to rush.  We are chilling, having left all our daily concerns back home, we just admire the view, listen to the sounds of Big Ben’s chimes, the trains trundling across a bridge overhead and fast feet tapping on concrete.

At this point, if we don’t already have a plan, then our discussion turns to where shall we go?  We have a whole city to explore in which there’s always something we have yet to discover.  Often though, especially but not exclusively, on good weather days, we just walk around and enjoy the vibrant life all around us.  The last time we went to London though it poured with rain all day, putting an obvious dampener on our strolling schedule.  There is nothing like London though for its sheer variety of life, culture and food.  Every time I go, I think I’ve had my city-fix for a while, until it starts to tug at my feet again, and urge me onto a train.


4 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 2: description of a place I’d like to be right now

  1. I know what you mean. I go to London twice a year and often I find myself on the same favorite places. the South bank , the two Tate galleries, South Kensington, the parks, St. Martins-in-the-Field, The many war memorials and other sculptures on the pavements and roads and parks.
    If you have extra time the “London Walks” are excellent to follow and the many free museums on the cold or rainy days.

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