Writing 101 Day 3: Write about the three most important songs in your life – an impossible task!


I tried to think of three songs I could write about but it was hopeless.  Music isn’t something you can categorise in that way.  To choose your favourites from among 1000s of songs you’ve heard throughout your life.  It just can’t be done.  Music is not a decision, not a mental thing but a heart, gut and soul thing.  It’s a foot stomping, hip shaking, finger-tapping kind of thing.  It’s something you feel, not something you think.  It’s a moment when you’re stopped in your tracks by a sound you haven’t heard before, or for a long time and you’re taken back to a certain moment in your life.  Music is something that lives within your bones and veins; pumping the blood, pouring sweat onto skin, it hurts and aches as much as it enlivens and restores.

Music is a fundamental a part of my life.  When I was at college and university, I hated having to go into the men’s interest section of a certain well-known newsagent and bookseller here in the UK to get my copy of the NME, Q, or Vox.  It angered me that as a woman, music wasn’t considered to be my thing, yet it was everything to me.  It has got me through the darkest moments in my life, giving comfort, before dragging me back out into a happier place.  So no, I can’t choose three songs that are important to me because they all are.


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