Writing 101 Day 4: Serially Lost – Write about a loss


(I’ve taken a slightly unconventional approach to this task.  Not sure if it has worked, but worth a try)

Part 1

Where did I leave it?  I know I had it last Saturday when we went for that walk, and on Sunday morning when I was drinking a cup of tea while listening to the birds sing outside my window.  Not sure what I did with it after that.  I may have left it in the bathroom when I was cleaning, or when I brought home all that marking on Monday night.  I had it when I went to the gym on Tuesday, and while I was watching a film on Wednesday, but I’ve no idea where it is now.  I’ve probably left it at work somewhere, under a pile of books on my desk, or in a classroom.   I keep losing it, and only ever seem to have it for a while.

Part 2

I can’t get you back.  I’ve tried so hard to make up for it, but it’s too late and I have no choice but to move on.  I know I didn’t realise how important you are, and how much I should have valued what you gave me, but I didn’t.  I kept thinking, tomorrow, another day, another month, another year.  But they’ve all gone by so fast and I didn’t notice that I was losing you too.  I’ll have to hurry up now I know, or they’ll be nothing left.  I promise I will take more care of you.  I’ll appreciate you and all you have to offer me.  I really will.

Part 3


A beautiful song which never fails to hold me in stillness until the very last note, and perfectly illustrates the loss I’ve written about.



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