Social Media Holiday Week 2


I was woken up by an alarm this morning.  Not my phone alarm, a fire alarm, or a car outside, but a bird.  A Great Tit to be precise, which was so loud I had to wonder if he/she wasn’t sat on my window sill.  I am very lucky to have a small, but sunny flat which looks out onto a garden surrounded by trees in which numerous birds live and sing every day.  My only regret is I don’t own the flat, like an increasing number of people in the UK, I rent.  Yet, I’m certainly lucky to have this little home and to write with nature’s inspiration as my backdrop.  It’s a fairly sunny morning, and there’s a slight breeze rustling the returning leaves and I’m enjoying not having to get up and rush off anywhere.

So, my second week on holiday from social media has been very busy; work obviously, but also writing, and lots of it.  For the first time, thanks to Writing 101, I’ve blogged every day, I’ve written every evening for a whole week.  I wouldn’t have had time for social media too, even if I had wanted to, and I haven’t missed it.  However, it is a necessary tool for writers and artists nowadays as a way to promote themselves and get their work and name out there for others to see.  So, I will return to it at the end of the month, hopefully with renewed enthusiasm and ideas as a result of all the writing I’m doing this month.

It’s often a point of discussion among writers as to how useful social media is, and whether it is a help or hindrance, distracting us from actually writing.  What do you think?  Do you feel you spend too long on social media, or does it fuel your imagination and offer a community to gain support and encouragement from?  Let me know. 


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