Writing 101: Day 7: Give and Take


(Prompt: write a post based on the contrast between two things in the form of a conversation)

Don’t get distracted.  You need to write something.

I know, but I’m so uninspired this evening.

You can’t choose to only write when you’re inspired.  You’ll never make a living out of it otherwise.

I’m not likely to anyway!

You might, but only if you make yourself write every day.  You’ve got to keep going and hopefully things will work out.

Mmm… key word there, hopefully.

Well, at least you’re trying.  Better that than to give up on things, as you usually do.

I know, I know. 

Ok.  So let’s get typing.  Don’t worry if it’s rubbish.  Just write!

OK, but I’ll just make a cup of tea first, and then I must sort the washing out.


(Really struggled with this task, so I thought I’d write about the internal dialogue going on in my head.)



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