Writing 101: Day 8: Death to Adverbs


(Prompt: write a piece inspired by a public place.  Avoid using adverbs.)

Another work day over, and the Sun is out so I walk home at a brisk pace through the town centre.  My hometown is changing; cranes reach up high above the trees as new hotels, a cinema complex and shops are constructed; a mixture of coloured glass and metal among all the greenery.  The trees themselves are stretching out and enjoying the spring sunshine on their emerging leaves as people walk to and fro beneath; many are drinking coffee, eating ice cream or smoking as they amble home, to the beach,  or to a café to meet friends.  One pub I pass has a sign outside which states ‘whiskey is sunshine held together by water.’  Not for me, I think, can’t stand the stuff!

I pass a man who is admiring an orange Lamborghini parked at the side of the road and I overhear his wife say ‘more than our house,’ as she glances at the car with less admiring eyes.  As I walk across the town square people stroll around in summer shorts, dresses and sandals; shedding jackets, jumpers and scarves.  Ladies natter as they carry home heavy bags of shopping, while skateboarders begin their evening practice, weaving in and out of the commuters and jumping over walls.  I’m almost home as a mother walks by, with her daughter in a pushchair who’s singing a tune not typical of spring; jingle bells.  Maybe she’s getting some practice in for an end of year concert.

Traffic crawls passed me, as I reach my building and leave the noise for the quiet of my little home.


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