A letter to …


(I’m a bit behind with this post for Writing 101.  Prompt: Pick up the nearest book and turn to page 29.  What’s the first word that jumps off the page?  Use this word as your springboard for inspiration.  Write it in the form of a letter.)


To my students,

Well here we are at the end of term, and I know you’re all worrying about your exams, and starting university too, but trust me, you’ll be fine.  You are at the beginning of everything; of three years of study, hard work, but also fun, I hope!

As I’ve told you before, I didn’t enjoy university; it was a very lonely time for me, and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.  So no matter how hard it is to do so, force yourself to make friends and get involved in activities.  Don’t wait for life to come to you, because it won’t.  Don’t say later, because before you know it, time will have passed and later will be yesterday, and the opportunity will have gone.

Remember that you can achieve anything you want to in life.  You only need to reach inside yourself and draw out your strength and power to make all that you wish for, a reality.

Good luck and best wishes,


(The word was ‘power’ from page 29 of Sacred Celebrations by Glennie Kindred.  My main focus was on inner power to achieve our dreams.)


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