Reflection at Lammas


Reflection - Tatton Park

As I write this, I look out onto a sunlight garden, full of various shades of green and the blue of the sky; summer is in full force today, but there’s a slight chill to the breeze. Is this the first signs of change just around the corner? I know many will not like me for saying this but we’re at the peak of summer’s power now, and at Lammas the season begins to turn towards the colder months of the year. Now, of course, living in the UK I know that seasons bear little resemblance to what the weather is actually like, as last week it was quite chilly, windy and pouring with rain, whereas today it’s lovely. So, I’m not going to read too much into what the conditions should be like, and instead focus on the energy that surrounds Lammas, one of the four cross quarter festivals in the Celtic calendar.

Whilst many of us are still enjoying the longer days and light evenings, that chill in the air is the signal that we need to start looking inwards again, after the outward gaze of the last few months. At Winter Solstice, the days began to lengthen, and with that we became more active. Yet now, we can start to reap the learning and experiences gained over the last few months, and reflect on what we have achieved. If we had plans at Spring Equinox, did we put them into action? If not, why didn’t we do so? Was it not the right time? Or did we lose heart? At Lammas, we can begin to examine what we had hoped to do and the whys and wherefores of not having realised our goals.

This reflective phase in the year lays the foundation for the planning stages which will come later on in the darker months, when we can check our stores of dreams, and see which ones we would like to fulfil once the season turns again.

As for me, I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions recently about the direction of my life, and hope to delve further into my ideas over the coming months.

So as the sun still shines, look back and consider what more there is to do. What else do you want to achieve in life? Then, during the colder months, you can research and prepare in readiness to run after your dreams again once the light and warmth of the sun returns.


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