Thank you for this day


Every morning I get up and go to my yoga mat, where I slowly wake up. At the end of my brief practice, I bow my head and say

‘Thank you for this day.  May all beings be blessed with love.  Namaste.’

Then I carry on with my usual work day routine, or if it’s the weekend, then I can take things as I please. Last Saturday, I went for a walk with my family; my brother drove my mother and I through beautiful sunlit country lanes to Lulworth Cove, a truly stunning area on the South Coast of England (mind you, as a Dorset native, I am biased), where we walked up the big hill which leads to the Cove, and spent a few hours ambling about the area.

It was an ordinary Saturday, just like any other, which I was grateful for; as I am every single day I walk this earth. The news is often depressing, with all the conflict and war in our world but Saturday afternoon, as the Bournemouth Air Show gave me an enjoyably noisy soundtrack to relax to at home after the walk, I was incredibly sad to hear that there had been an accident at the Shoreham Air Show, and many people had lost their lives as they went about their normal weekend routines.

It’s the random, sudden loss of life with no opportunity to say goodbye to loved ones that is so sad. It also brings home just how precious even our ordinary days are. We don’t think about it, do we? As we travel to work and go about our daily activities; we just don’t think, ‘I am so lucky to be doing this. The fact that I am here is a miracle within itself!’

At this point I must say I am not religious. If asked if there’s anything after this life, I’d say not likely, no. All the more reason to make sure you fully appreciate every moment you are blessed with, even the boring ones; the stuck in traffic, I’m exhausted, having a filing at the dentist ones. Ok, maybe not so much that last one, but I am just as guilty of not realising the blessing this life has given me.

I am grateful for this day. I went to work, then for a swim, and now I’m writing this. Not exciting, but still, thank you universe, or whatever I need to thank.

Thank you for this day

May all beings be blessed with love



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