Travel to perfection

Taking my kind of 'selfie' at Hurst Castle.

Taking my kind of ‘selfie’ at Hurst Castle.

Packing for my holiday next week; I mustn’t forget my camera, sunscreen, a good book and a professional photographer. Um … what?! Yes, crazy as it sounds, people are now buying a holiday package which includes a photographer who will take perfect social media friendly snaps of you in exotic places, just being all casual and having perfectly composed fun.

I’m greatly puzzled by this development. Have people become so self-obsessed that they now feel the need to have a photographer follow them around on holiday and take suitable shots of them ‘experiencing life’? What happened to the slightly rubbish pictures your mum and dad used to take, in which you’d bound to be missing the top of your head? Why does everything have to be so polished and photo-shopped to death nowadays? Also, I like to take photos of what I see and what interests me. I might get my travelling companion to take a couple of cheesy shots of me standing with a silly grin on my face somewhere well-know, but apart from that, I don’t want lots of pictures of myself, I want images of what I saw and experienced in that place.

It seems that some individuals are losing the ability to just enjoy life without having to record every single thing they do. Has existence now come to mean how present you are online, as opposed to how present you are in your life?

There’s obviously nothing intrinsically wrong with sharing your holiday snaps on Facebook etc. but to go to the lengths of hiring someone to manufacture your image to such an extent online, seems to be an f-stop too far.

What do you think? Would you like someone to make your holiday into a photoshoot? Let me know.

Here’s a link to the article which inspired this post:


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