September Sunshine


September Sunshine

Sunday afternoon, and everyone is out soaking up the warmth and light before the weather changes; families cycle past on tandems, couples stroll by holding hands, joggers, dog walkers and their four-legged friends, excited by the smell of fish and chips. Children run freely from their parent’s arms; racing along the soft sand down to the water’s edge and into the chilly embrace of the ocean, screaming for joy in the face of such adventure.

Large groups have set themselves up for the day with a myriad of lunchboxes all filled with delicious treats, washed down with juices, tea from flasks and maybe the odd glass of something bubbly.

Jet-skis whizz about and sail boats glitter on the horizon as people scream their way down the zip line between the pier and the shore. Near the pier, fountains inspire more delighted shouts and screams as toddlers and children run around the water-filled area, ducking in and out, and underneath the spray. Behind them, café tables are full of patrons who are resting, gossiping, people-watching and topping up their caffeine levels mid-afternoon.

Today is all about fun and relaxation; don’t let work tomorrow or the promise of winter’s chill just around the corner worry you. We have time yet.



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