Feel the fear and walk on fire anyway (part 1)


A couple of months ago the director of the college where I work announced that among the many activities taking place to celebrate our open day in a new building, would be a fire walk for charity. I was one of the first to sign up for it.  What an exciting thing to do, I thought.  However, as the weeks went by and the realisation of what I had agreed to do began to sink in, I started to get cold feet (excuse the pun!).

I began thinking of ways to get out of it; I didn’t think I could raise the target amount, I wasn’t sure I’d be brave enough to go through with it on the day, all of which were met with reasonable responses; don’t worry about the money, just raise as much as you can, and you don’t have to do the walk, but it will be fine, you’ve nothing to worry about.

The colleagues of mine who are not braving the hot coals have been extremely supportive; offering to have a bucket of water and various burns treatments on standby for me. How kind of them!

Well, it’s only a few days away now, and I’m still apprehensive, but we’re going to have a training session beforehand, and I’m reassured that a few other usually ‘sensible types’ from work are walking with me too. I’ve decided that I just have to go for it and to misquote Susan Jeffers’ brilliant book, feel the fear and walk on fire anyway.

I’ve always been overly cautious, and know I haven’t lived my live to the fullest up to now. I struggled with shyness up until my early thirties, and it was only becoming a teacher that helped me to overcome it.  Now, as I approach the beginning of my 40th year, maybe a literal fire walk will be a metaphorical one too, and I will begin a new life in which I am less afraid of the unknown and more willing to embrace new experiences and challenges in my life.

The walk is this coming Saturday, so there will be a follow up post in which I hope my feet aren’t sore, and I won’t be regretting my attempt at being more adventurous.


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