Better live now


I grew up in the eighties, so Madonna, Michael Jackson and Prince were my world and their music was the background to every event, both happy and sad. I have now lost two of them.  I was sad when Michael Jackson passed, but not as much as I have been since the awful, truly shocking news appeared on a TV screen at the gym last Thursday, where I was when I heard that Prince had passed.  I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t want to; how could someone with so much vitality and passion for life be no more?

Even days later, as I struggle to write this through tears, listening to BBC 6Music paying tribute to Prince, I still cannot comprehend how we’ve arrived at this moment so soon. You know you’re idols will pass, you know it will be sad when they do; but you assume that will be when they are much older, and at the right time to do so, not aged 57 and still in their prime.

The thought which keeps running around in my head, along with so many of Prince’s songs, is ‘better live now’; Let’s Go Crazy is one of my favourites of his and the message of that song is poignant today. He lived life to the very max, ceaselessly working and producing at least one album a year, in addition to incredible live performances and after shows.  I was extremely lucky to have seen him at the 02 Arena in London during his 21 night residency there.  Needless to say he was amazing, and hearing the words ‘dearly beloved, we are gathered today’ as he rose up through the stage made me cry with joy.  Oh, and he was hot! I mean really sexy, but in a sensual way, which never degraded women but worshipped and often put them in positons of power within his tales of love and lust.

We are now gathered to mourn his loss and celebrate his life, as he gave so much to our own. Personally, it’s going to take me quite some time to get over his death and I cannot put into words how I feel, nor do justice to his genius.  Apart from the music, I hope everyone can take away that insatiable desire for life, and live it to the fullest ‘before grim reaper come knocking on your door.’

In loving memory of Prince, thank you.





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