The call of my own world part 3: not the right time


This is the third report on my novel writing progress, and to be honest, it’s not going well. In fact, I haven’t written anything for about two months now.  However, I have decided I’m ok with that.  Maybe now isn’t the time to write long-form for me.  I have missed writing for my blog, which I haven’t done as often because I felt guilty for not working on my novel, so I barely wrote anything at all and kept feeling I ‘should’ be doing something more productive; whatever that is.

So the book has been put to one side as I get back into writing more regularly again, and begin studying for a Master’s Degree, which will take up a lot of my time and energy over the next two years. It might well be that I am not meant to write a novel, and contrary to the saying, not everyone has a book in them; or maybe my book isn’t fiction.  Either way, I have given myself permission to give up, for now.  Maybe one day I‘ll go back to it, and the time will be right.


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