To boldly go …


I have been following the adventures of the Philae lander this past week with avid interest.  I am absolutely fascinated by the fact that we can send a piece of technology, no bigger than a washing machine, on a ten-year journey across our solar system to land on a come, which is hurtling through space.  I am in awe that we can then communicate with dais device and thereby learn about our own origins from it.  There are times, when as a species we accomplish incredible leaps forward in our understanding and evolution, which often come about due to cross-border and cultural co-operation.  It is a shame therefore that we cannot do so more often, because we are capable of achieving such greatness that it’s all the more disappointing when we continue to fight over differing ideologies.  I hope the positive work being done to explore space, will inspire more collaboration here on earth.

Recent update on Philae from The Guardian website: