Winter Stroll





Stock up on dreams


Stock up on dreams

Have you got them ready? Made your preparations for the darker phase of the year, when the fire is brought within our homes and hearts to light the way through the autumn and winter to come.

Just like a pile of logs waiting for the fire, so too must your dreams fuel your desire over the coming months. At Autumn Equinox, we sense the changes all around us; the chill which makes us hug our coat a little closer as we commute to work, the crisp air we breathe, the colours turning, leaves falling and the sound of birds calling out as the sun sets.

That change is within us too, and the Aspen tree, which begins its turn in the Celtic calendar, encourages us to ‘listen within yourself and find comfort in the still, small voice of calm.’ (p.106, The Celtic Wisdom of Trees by Jane Gifford, 200) Many people dread the shorter days and colder weather, yet they provide us with the opportunity to take stock and reflect on the previous year; asking ourselves what we have yet to achieve, and how can we realise those goals.

So pile up your dreams along with your winter provisions, and use them to help you see through the darkness until the earth turns once more.

Happy Autumn Equinox!